Instagram social media marketing is a tactic you should definitely look into. Because it is so effective, Instagram influencer marketing has helped some stores experience an overnight increase in sales. Instagram influencers have developed sizable audiences who will buy when presented with the appropriate product (which is where you come in).

You can advertise your newest products, attract new clients, and interact with current clients directly by implementing Instagram influencer marketing. Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users, so there is a sizable audience to be had there.

KISSmetrics reports that 70% of Instagram users have already looked up different brands on the platform and are actually interested in viewing their content. This is precisely the reason why marketing on Instagram for your e-commerce business can be so successful.

Every day, new marketing channels emerge, but so do the techniques and methods for utilizing them. It’s critical to use creativity to differentiate yourself from your rivals because consumers are exposed to more advertising content than ever. Aesthetic and not overly salesy advertising experience are required.  For your brand, this is why using Instagram influencer marketing can be so successful. A marketer’s dream, influencer marketing allows you to communicate with your target audience without sounding overly pushy.

Building Your Own Audience with Instagram Marketing

Instagram marketing can be done in two different ways.

Building a sizable fan base on Instagram is the first method of marketing there, and Instagram influencer marketing is the second.

Tools for Growing Your Instagram Audience: Building a Following on Your Own

There are a few methods for organically growing an Instagram following.

You can find out which hashtags are most popular in your specific niche by using tools like Webstagram or IconoSquare. Then, in order to connect with the right audience, you can use those hashtags strategically in your posts.

A Webstagram search is a particularly great way to find trending hashtags that are pertinent to your business without having to manually look them up on Instagram. Simply typing relevant keywords for your company into the search bar at the top of the page will allow you to customize your search. It is definitely worthwhile to conduct a quick search on Instagram to find important details pertinent to your Instagram marketing strategy because it is free and simple to use.

Another Instagram marketing strategy is to watch your posting schedule to make sure you’re posting on the right days and at the right times. You can use IconoSquare to find the precise times when you receive the most engagement and determine the best times to post. It’s yet another useful tool for beginning an Instagram marketing campaign.

You can see an example of some data from IconoSquare in the image below. The light gray circles represent various levels of engagement, and the dark circles stand for typical posting times. The largest light gray circles signify the best times to post.

Building a Following on Your Own: Siphoning Instagram Followers for Marketing

Stealing followers from your rivals is another powerful Instagram marketing tactic you can use to grow your own following.

By stealing followers from a competitor’s account, you almost certainly will build a targeted following because those followers have already shown interest in the kind of product you’re trying to sell.

To see the list of followers of a competitor, go to that competitor’s account and click “followers.”

Next, interact with the followers by doing one of the following: liking their photos, following them, or commenting on their photos. This is a really powerful Instagram marketing strategy that will expand the audience for your store.

Here are some statistics on the follower count you might be able to increase through this kind of engagement, based on an unofficial test conducted by Shopify:

  • Followers who returned the favor: 14%
  • Follow + Like: 22% follow back
  • Follow back is 34% when you comment, like, and follow.

However, it can be very difficult when you’re first starting out, regardless of the strategies you use to grow your audience from scratch. Utilizing influencer power in this situation may be helpful.

What Is an Instagram Influencer? – Marketing with Instagram Influencers

An Instagram user who has a sizable following and the power to persuade others due to their level of credibility and reach is known as an influencer. By showcasing your products on their profiles, Instagram influencers may be able to help you quickly grow a sizable audience from scratch as well as significantly increase your sales.

You might be wondering if anyone is even reading your posts if you don’t already have a following, or if it’s all just a huge waste of time. It takes time to see results, and it can be difficult to determine what is effective.

You can get influential people in your niche who have a sizable following to share one of your posts by using Instagram influencer marketing. By doing this, you may be able to overnight attract tens of thousands of relevant viewers to your post. This is why Instagram influencer marketing works so well: thousands of potential customers will be viewing your products, and since they already follow the influencer, they are more likely to buy. Imagine the impact this would have on the expansion of your online store!

Boxed Water promoted their charitable endeavor, The ReTree Project, using Instagram influencer marketing. When users posted a picture online using the hashtag “#ReTree,” Boxed Water promised to plant two trees in response.

According to Social Media Examiner, they generated more than 2,600 posts using the #ReTree hashtag just one month after their launch.

Smaller niches benefit greatly from Instagram influencer marketing. Just one person manages the account Reading Brings Joy, which receives thousands of likes per post.  Her followers always check out the books she mentions in her posts about them, which makes her a good candidate for influencer marketing.

Instagram influencer marketing can be extremely effective for goods with a strong visual appeal. It’s a great way to build a large following in a short period of time. Once you’ve built up a following in this way, more specifically targeted users will be viewing your posts, sales promotions, and product offerings, which frequently results in higher sales.

Here is a detailed step-by-step process you can use to leverage Instagram influencers to grow your own following now that we’ve covered an overview of Instagram marketing.

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